On Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010, after a week in which a tiny church in Florida almost set the world on its ear, New Union Christian Church–another very small church–decided to make an opposite witness by extending the hand of hospitality to Muslim friends, and recognizing that both Muslims and Jews were concluding or in the midst of holy days.  We had Mehmet Saracoglu, a graduate student at U.K. from Turkey, with us to read for the Qur’an, and to explain a bit about Islam.  We also had our own Dan Rosenberg read a passage from the Torah.  From the Christian scriptures we heard similar words to those read from the Qur’an and the Torah, about loving God and loving neighbor, the twin inseparable laws.  Tom Eblen, columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote a column about our witness that appeared in the paper on Wednesday, Sept. 15.  You can read his article at:  http://www.kentucky.com/2010/09/15/1435398/tom-eblen-tiny-woodford-county.html

We also had TV coverage from WTVQ, Channel 36,  which can be viewed at:  http://www.wtvq.com/news/4955-kentucky-church-reads-quran-as-an-act-of-respect.     

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