Your wedding is one of life’s special moments

Your wedding day, and the ceremony which will unite you and your partner for life, will be one of the most special times of  your life.  You want it to be special.  We are glad that you are thinking about having your wedding ceremony at New Union Christian Church.   Our church is small and simple but a beautiful and elegant place for such a holy moment.  For us, a wedding ceremony is a worship service.   Our guidelines have been written with this in mind.  We would like to help you make this a truly memorable experience.

General Policies

Our church is an active congregation.  Our building is not a wedding chapel, but a house of worship, a place of education and fellowship, a sanctuary for such holy rites as marriage.  Members and their families, therefore, will always have priority in scheduling weddings, and are not subject to the fees outlined here.

The sanctuary will seat approximately 75-80 people, closely packed.  For safety reasons we cannot make arrangements to seat more.

The sanctuary has a center aisle with pews on either side, an organ and a piano.

Wedding services are worship services in which a couple come to give praise to God for their love, and to profess their commitment to one another before God and a gathering of their family and friends.

All parts of  the ceremony must be respectful and reverent.  We are quite firm about our policies regarding alcohol on the grounds and in the building.  The minister reserves the right to refuse to conduct a marriage ceremony in which any member of the wedding party displays disrespectful behavior or comes to the rehearsal or wedding under the influence of alcohol or other substance, at no liability to church or clergy.

Another minister may  not perform a wedding ceremony or participate in the service without the express permission of the minister of New Union Church.  Such permission may be granted as a professional courtesy to a minister who is a member of the immediate family of the bridal party.

All music to be used in the ceremony should be appropriate to a worship context.  Generally, another organist may use the church organ only in special circumstances and only by permission of the minister and the church organist.

Couples should plan to meet with the minister for at least three premarital sessions to discuss their relationship, and to work with the minister to create a wedding service that is reflective of their experiences, their love, and their commitments.

Flowers and Rice

You will be responsible for making arrangements with a florist and determining delivery and time for decorating the church.  Only silk flower petals may be strewn unless an aisle cloth is used.  The church does not provide an aisle cloth.

Throwing rice is prohibited inside and outside the church.  You may use birdseed only outside the building.

About fees and other arrangements for your wedding…

Scheduling: Contact the minister of New Union Church,,  or 859-429-0771 as early as possible to secure a time for an interview regarding your wedding.  No wedding may be scheduled more than 12 months in advance.  No weddings will be held from Dec. 23—Dec. 27, or during Holy Week (the week preceding Easter).  Because of problems with lighting, all weddings must be held during daylight hours.

Deposit and Fees: Your wedding date will be held for you  upon payment of one half of the fee  ($850) for a wedding at New Union.   The total fee will be $1700, and the remainder must be paid in full two weeks before the wedding.  It includes the fees for the use of the building, the minister’s fee, and custodial services (excluding removal of trash).  If the property is left in good order and all trash removed, you will be refunded $200, within 30 days after the wedding.  If you desire to have the custodian clean the church following your wedding, you must contract for those additional services privately.  You must contract with the organist privately. No fees are required for members of the church or their children.

If the wedding is cancelled at least 30 days prior to the wedding, the fees will be returned.


Guidelines for use of the Church Property…

Church property is to be respected at all times, and left in an orderly and clean condition with all rubbish and debris removed immediately following the wedding unless other arrangements have been made with the church custodian.

There is no smoking in the church building, and  alcohol is  not permitted in the building or on the church grounds.  Violation of this rule will mean the immediate cancellation of the wedding, even if it is ready to begin within minutes.  No person who seems intoxicated at the time of the service will be permitted to participate in the wedding.

Furniture must be returned to its original position before departure.

No nails, thumbtacks, or tape may be used anywhere.  Any damage to the pews will be the responsibility of the wedding party.

We urge you to be especially careful with the use of candles because of fire hazard.  Non-drip candles must be used, and you must provide your own candles.

Proper care should be taken to prevent damage to the lawn while parking and driving vehicles. The church does not have a paved lot.

The rear gate may be used but must be closed after guests have departed.

The church undercroft (basement) may be used for preparations before the wedding, or for a small reception following the wedding.

All weddings must be scheduled to begin before 5:30 p.m. during daylight saving time, and before 4:00 during winter months.

We recommend that decorations be kept simple in keeping with the simplicity of the church.

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